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The best spy software for android in 2021. Children of the modern generation are too smart than their parents, in terms of technological knowledge. Like most parents, if you also gave a phone to your child, your biggest problem will definitely be related to unacceptable actions that can be performed with a cell phone. And honestly, you can’t even track these actions, no matter how often you check their cell phones manually. And the reason is that they know how to use the phone better than you.

So what to do now? You can’t even refuse to give them a cell phone because it’s a necessity to cope with today’s era. Well, the only answer to your question is a mobile phone spying app. But here another question arises. Will simply installing a spyware on an Android device help notify your child of its installation? Not at all. They will in any case find a way to solve this problem or show impudence by simply uninstalling the app.

You can now install the tracking app on their device and hide it. Using this simple trick, you will be able to track their Android devices and they will not be able to fake the app. Even knowing about the existence of such a program on their Android device, just by hiding it, they will not be able to find a way to remove it.

So let’s head out on the road without wasting any more time and take a look at the list of the top 9 spy apps for Android that work in stealth mode.

DISCLAIMER – Before installing spyware on your Android device, you must notify your child of such installation. Without their consent, it would be inappropriate to install a monitoring program on their device.

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All the apps mentioned here give you the ability to hide the app icon by installing them on the target device, allowing them to run in the background. What’s more, they are installed with a common installation name, so they are difficult to detect.

SPY24 spy software for android

The SPY24 monitoring app for Android phones offers some features without implementation that are not provided by other apps.

Along with the usual features such as call tracking, social messaging, video tracking, photos, keylogger, location tracking, etc., you also get some extra features.

Using the SPY24 call recording function, you can listen to the call recording of the target device. And this feature works great for us. Just the recording on the other side could have been louder, but it’s not like the voice isn’t audible.

By gaining remote access to the target phone remotely, the app takes screenshots while the target person is using their phone.

If you sometimes wonder what your children are doing now, you can curb your curiosity by accessing the rear camera and secretly photographing the surroundings.

You will enjoy the work “Take photos”, because the application updates the photos within 15-20 seconds after clicking. The fact is that you can use this feature without even rooting your partner’s phone.

shooting function

Deleted photos, call recordings and screenshots of the phone uploaded to the portal may take some time.

The feature that impressed us the most and worked on our expectations was Keylogger. The SPY24 keylogger works better than the keylogger in almost every spyware application. Unlike the keylogger of most spyware applications, where you will see incomplete keystrokes, on SPY24 all keystrokes on various programs on the phone were present as they were.

kidsguard keylogger

In addition to this updates in the keylogger section were made within seconds. So if you notice something that requires immediate action, you can count on SPY24.

If social networking and instant messaging apps are your vigilant tracking areas, even then SPY24 may be your primary choice.

Whether it’s for spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, you can easily track all your social media accounts.

Monitoring of social accounts does not depend solely on the text. Along with the text you will get screenshots while the target person uses their social media accounts.

All of these amazing features can be accessed while the app is running in stealth mode. So basically, SPY24 makes your monitoring complete in every aspect.

As for pricing, you can go for 3 different plans depending on the devices. If you choose a 1-month plan, you have to pay $ 39.95 per month. If you pay three months in advance, you will need to pay $ 19.98 per month, and if you choose a 1-year plan, you will need to pay only $ 9.16 per month.


What we loved

Impressive data synchronization speed

The tracked data is absolutely accurate

The keylogger app works amazingly

The previous features are available without implementation

Tracking social networks with screenshots makes your tracking more reliable

You can take photos remotely from the target phone at any time

What we didn’t like

The other person’s voice in the conversation recording had to be louder

The location feature sometimes worked inaccurately

Click here to try SPY24

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2. spy

The list of the best hidden Android spying apps will always remain incomplete without the addition of mSpy.

The app gives you access to images and videos stored on the target device. Chats on various social networking platforms such as Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Tinder, etc. can be easily tracked.

You can use a GPS location to make sure your child is nearby. It will give you updates regarding your child’s current location. Using the geozone function, you can create imaginary fences. Now, when your child crosses this fence, you immediately receive information about it.

the best hidden spyware app for android

Some other amazing features of mSpy include bookmarking websites where you can keep track of the websites that your child bookmarks in the browser. Using the keylogger function, you will be able to monitor the input of text from your child.

mSpy also allows parents to easily check the list of WiFi networks their child’s phone has connected to. Accessing outgoing and incoming emails on the target device is also not a big task when using mSpy.

If you’re worried about the price, you’d be happy to know that mSpy has a basic plan that costs you just $ 29.99 a month. What’s more, the premium plan costs $ 69.99 a month with some extra features. If you want to save more money, you can get a subscription for 3 months or 12 months.

In addition, mSpy offers an exclusive 15% discount to SpyDrill readers on all their plans. To get a discount, use the coupon code “SPYDRILL15” when making a payment.

mspy prices

What we loved

Quick and easy setup

Easy to use

Access to enough features without implementation

Geographic fencing feature is available

mSpy allows you to block unnecessary applications

What we didn’t like

You can control one device at a time

Sometimes it takes time to download new data from the target device

Click here to try mSpy

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3. FlexiSPY

Next on the list is the FlexiSPY app, which provides advanced features even when the phone is not rooted.

Some of these advanced features include call recording, remote photo and video shooting from the target device and listening to ambient sounds. Record calls in FlexiSPY

Other features include SIM card notification, keylogger and access to call logs, etc. With FlexiSPY you can also keep track of programs your child has used recently. You can also see a list of all the applications installed on the target device.

If you are interested in what is happening next to your child, you can secretly record and listen to the surrounding voices. You can even record videos by easily gaining remote access to the target device’s camera.

The mention of the keylogger as the flagship feature of the app should come as no surprise. FlexiSPY keylogger shows keystrokes for all applications where something is typed. And it works better than the keylogger of any other app we’ve tested.

FlexiSpy Keylogger

FlexiSPY also works with embedded phones. And with the device installed, you open the room for other tracking functions.

If your Android device is rooted and you have an emergency plan, you can spy on someone’s phone in many other ways. Along with cellular calls and messages you also get access to VoIP calls and messages sent on social networks. Including call logs and entries from Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Skype and Viber.

With the EXTREME plan you get all the premium monitoring features plus some other features. This will make it possible to record calls (root not required) and even intercept calls (for root).

FlexiSPY has three different plans. The LITE plan costs you $ 29.95 per month, the PREMIUM plan – $ 68 per month, and the EXTREME plan – $ 199 for 3 months. If you pay 3 months or 12 months at a time by choosing a PREMIUM plan, you can save a lot of money.

flexible pricing

What we loved

Full control on the device is removed

Additional features such as call recording without implementation

The best keylogger

Flexispy has a good support service

Hide rooting traces for the target device

What we didn’t like

Extreme and premium plans are a bit expensive

Click here to try FlexiSPY

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4. pcTattletale

pcTattletale is an application that works differently than most Android spy apps on the market. No app allows you to view the target phone’s real-time screen remotely, except pcTattletale.

With the Live View function, the application accesses the screen of your loved ones’ phones and remotely shows them on its Internet portal.

live viewing

The live recording shown by pcTattletale is only a few seconds behind what is happening on the target phone.

If you don’t have a lot of time to watch a live broadcast of your phone, even then there’s no need to skip anything important. pcTattletale will record videos when you are offline. Upon return you can watch the recorded video at any time.

recorded videos

If you want the monitoring app to monitor your kids, you’ll enjoy the click activity feature in pcTattletale.

click activity

This feature will show you the number of taps of the target person on your phone every hour. This way you will be able to find out if they depend on the phone or not.

A spyware application without a location monitoring feature makes no sense. Fortunately, pcTattletale does not fall into this category. You can check the current location of your loved one if you want, using the pcTattletale location tracking feature.

location tracking

pcTattetale has 3 different plans for people with different needs. The first is a FAMILY plan that costs $ 99 with 7 days of storage. Next is the FAMILY PLUS plan, which costs $ 147 and has a storage capacity of 30 days. Finally comes the BUSINESS plan, which will cost you $ 297 with a storage capacity of 365 days. All three plans can control 3 devices simultaneously.

The best part of their plans is that you don’t need to buy a separate plan or any other spyware app if you also want to monitor someone’s computer. With pcTattletale you can add up to 3 devices, be it Android or PC, and easily track them with the same plan.

applied pricing

What we loved

Tracking of the target phone is carried out with a live broadcast

The video is recorded when you are offline

You can learn about phone use every hour

The location tracking feature works fine

The live recording is only a few seconds behind

What we didn’t like

The live recording does not show the video played on the target phone

Live recording does not work in incognito mode

Click here to try pcTattletale

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5. uMobix

uMobix is ​​a new spyware application on the market, but the way it works will make you go for it. Although this is a new spy app, it has everything you want to keep an eye on your loved ones.

All the calls, messages, contacts, photos, videos and location make it the best of most spyware applications that have been on the market for years.

Most spyware applications are not able to impress their customers with their keyloggers, which is why they lose their reputation in the market. But the uMobix keylogger impressed us a lot.

All keystrokes made by the target person appear on the portal so you can check it remotely. The date and time stamp with each keystroke makes keystroke tracking more detailed.

u track the Mobix keystroke

If you suspect that your spouse is in a romance, then the lack of their social media account and instant messaging apps can be a big mistake.

If uMobix is ​​installed on their phone, you will have full access to your spouse’s social accounts. uMobix occasionally takes screenshots while the target person is using WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat or any other app.

The list of social and instant messaging apps supported by uMobix is ​​also quite long. Some other apps include Tinder, Zoom, TikTok, Viber, Telegram, Wechat, etc.

These timely screenshots will allow you to not miss anything important.

monitoring WhatsApp uMobix

As you can see, uMobix also tracks user activity in TikTok. Being one of the most influential apps of recent times, it is becoming important to keep track of children’s account in TikTok.

Most tracking apps ignore the negative of TikTok and do not provide any specific tracking feature to the app. But with uMobix it’s easy to track TikTok activity.

All spyware apps offer you web browser tracking, but do they also control what you’re looking for on the Incognito tab? Unlike most spyware applications, uMobix tracks incognito history.

UMobix has kept its services fairly inexpensive, which is really noticeable. You can purchase a 1-month uMobix plan for $ 39.99, $ 44.99 if you buy their services for 3 months, a 6-month plan can be donated for $ 49.99, and a 12-month plan will cost you $ 89.88.

prices on umobix

What we loved

Also shows messages that are immediately sent and deleted

The keylogger function also shows the data copied to the clipboard

Accurate tracking of browsing history

Searches from the incognito tab are also tracked

The data synchronization speed is very good

Tracking with screenshots makes tracking data even better

What we didn’t like

Bookmarks are not shown by the app

Updates on social networks are incompatible

Click here to try uMobix

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6. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is undoubtedly one of the most popular monitoring applications. This makes tracking your device in almost every way.

The app has a huge list of features that are capable enough to give you the best monitoring experience and you won’t feel like there’s anything left on your child’s or spouse’s phone for anything to monitor.

To start monitoring on the target device, you need to configure the application on both the child / partner device and the parent (your) device.

Once the device is configured with all the necessary permissions, all the data on the target device will be available.

The best thing about iKeyMonitor is that the app gives access to many additional features without even requiring the implementation of a target mobile phone.

These advanced features include call recording, keystroke detection, application screenshots, access to surround sounds and the phone’s camera.

We personally really enjoyed the screenshots and photos of the iKeyMonitor program. There wasn’t even a single photo taken by the target cell phone but not uploaded to the iKeyMonitor account.

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